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    • A - COULD be, but didn't wish to -- Votes: 13
    • B- wished to be, but COULDN'T -- Votes: 18
♥ in 32 kids; Matosinhos, Portugal 1495 posts
13th Jan '13

Option A defenetely.

It's hard both ways but at least my children would know that they had a dad who loved them so much.

Back to Noob Status Ohio 14048 posts
13th Jan '13
Quoting K. P. Walsh:" This isn't so much a debate topic as it just a discussion topic.. Just a hypothetical question for you ... [snip!] ... think would be a harder situation to cope with, for you personally, on your own as a mother? Just.. some food for thought. "

Option A all the way. I have a father who chooses not to be in my life or the lives of my brothers and that brings a lot of pain to my mother. Having a dead father is better than having a deadbeat father in my book.