Ever considered divorce? Legendary Due August 27 (boy); 1 child; Beverly Hills, California 58507 posts
status 13th Jan '13

Why? Did you do it? If no, are you glad?

Not tellin 3 kids; Montana 55983 posts
13th Jan '13
Quoting Amαndα ♕:" Why? Did you do it? If no, are you glad?"

Yes. I considered it for MANY reasons. We are still married. Went to marriage counseling. I am glad we worked it out.

Sonia Blade† Due January 27; 3 kids; Rochester, New York 16558 posts
13th Jan '13

I've considered it during heated arguments that seemed to never end. We're much better now and I'm glad I didn't go ahead and get divorced. We sat down and talked for a good while to resolve our issues.

Man in stockings 1 child; Colorado 2766 posts
13th Jan '13

There are a lot of times where I think my life would be better of without my SO, but I'd never actually do it unless he ever abused (mentally or physically) me or my children, or cheated on me.

DifferentDay Due June 2; 34 kids; Tennessee 3473 posts
13th Jan '13

Yep. Too many reasons to list. Yes glad I didn't go thru w it. We work stuff out on our own bc we still love each other and no matter how bad it gets we fight through it.

user banned California 36390 posts
13th Jan '13

Yes all the time and once I'm able tk support myself and LO, i will be filing.

Uh-Nis-Uh [EBF] 2 kids; West Virginia 15190 posts
13th Jan '13

A few years ago we actually filed our divorce papers. We cancelled them though, and I'm glad we did. We worked it out. There were a few reasons why we filed.

Mom2William&Michael 2 kids; 1 angel baby; New York 7600 posts
13th Jan '13

When our oldest was first born, yes. Things were very bad for us and he was having difficulty coping and kind of gave up. He never cleaned, never took care of LO, wasn't looking for a job, and was always a jerk to me. It took a lot to stick it out and work through it but I'm very glad that I did.

JΔS Georgia 74369 posts
13th Jan '13

You already know that I have.

Lara +2 2 kids; Wasilla, Alaska 7720 posts
13th Jan '13

Yes. Only because I'm hard headed and when we fight I get really mad and think of all the worse things, but we've never gone through it

Tonya Livingston Fulton, Mississippi 87 posts
13th Jan '13

I got married to my husband in 2009 b have thought bout divorce in 2011 so I left him n even filed the papers made him sign them the whole 9 yards. N we ended up talking n agreed to work it out so I called my lawyer n got our divorce stop (didnt get my $250 back lol) but I'm glad we was able to work it out the biggest part of the time. Then we get in a dispute n I'm like y did we get married lol but that is marriage it's had it good n bad parts its when u work it out n stick together what make it worth it

Sarah ♥ K&K 2 kids; South Land, CA, United States 118569 posts
status 13th Jan '13

Yep, the first year of marriage was really rocky. So was our marriage after his first deployment married to me. We both sunk into a bad depression, his due to the deployment...mine to due the losing Rylan. It was a rough patch in our lives. We worked through it and I'm happy we didnt give up on each other but it was hard work. It still is sometimes.

mama erica. 2 kids; New York 60568 posts
14th Jan '13

Yep, thought about it! And as you know- still married.

user banned Des Moines, Iowa 1848 posts
14th Jan '13

Divorced an ex and remarried.

I thought long and hard about divorce with my first husband. It was a difficult conclusion to come to. The failurw of my marriage was ultimately the cause of much grief and depression in my life. After we separated I went on antidepressants for the first and only time in my life. After awhile I was advised by a therapist that the medication I had been put on was not right for me, and pretty much as soon as I got off the terrible meds my quality of life improved.
The divorce was such a good thing. Obviously unfortunate that it had to occur, but the ability to move on and find true happiness in life is a miracle.

My husband and I have been married for nearing three years. Been together for 4. I've known him for 11 years and we have been friends that entire time. He is my rock!