An Update MichelleCampbell 2 kids; Tauranga, New Zealand 295 posts
14th Jan '13

So I haven't posted since about a week after my baby was born...

Lots has happened so I thought I'd talk about it

My son is now 8weeks , 9 weeks on wednesday ( he was born 14th Nov 2012), Hes a tall baby just like his dad and now weighs 11 pounds ( he was 8 pounds born)

Now for what happened over Christmas

Dec18: the last couple of nights I woke up having trouble breathing and my back killing me, so I went to my doctor that day and they said it maybe the way I was breast feeding try a different postion with him.

Dec22: I was feeling abit better, not such a sore back but still having problems breathing, but that night I coughed up blood, So I went to the emergency Doctors because my doctor wasn't opened. They sent me to the hospital were I stayed for 2 days had a xray and they saw that there was fluid in my right hand lung ( the same side as my sore back) after blood tests and all this the hospital decided I had pneumonia and put me on antibiotics and sent me home on the 24th dec.

Dec26th: My doctor rung me asking me to come in for a follow up, he was concerned that it wasn't pneumonia because I hadn't been sick or anything so he sent me back to the hospital for a CT Scan which I had and it turned out to be a blood clot in my right hand lung. so I had to have injections to make my blood thinner and am on blood thinning medication for 6 months. after 6 months I'll be retested and stuff

they don't know for sure but I had a sore leg in my pregnancy, they think it travelled from my leg to my lung.
Scarey stuff but I'm fine now...I don't talk to many people on here but I do talk to I thought I'd post this..

Thanks for reading!

✰ Mrs. B ✰ 2 kids; Texas 2640 posts
14th Jan '13

That's crazy! So glad they figured out the peoblem& hope you will be fine :)

DifferentDay Due June 2; 34 kids; Tennessee 3467 posts
14th Jan '13

Curious did ur dr ever mention pre-e as a possible cause? My friend had similar that's why I'm asking. She's been on blood thinners for 2+yrs now and her problem was from severe undiagnosed pre-e. (her dr was an idiot.) tg ur dr found out it was more than just pneumonia! how did the ER miss that? Unnecessary craziness after having your kid! Hope you don't have to stay on the med when you're retested.

MichelleCampbell 2 kids; Tauranga, New Zealand 295 posts
14th Jan '13

No my doctor never mentioned pre-e at all but I always had very low blood pressure maybe thats why? I'm not sure how ER missed it.. But my doctor is very good like that he will always follow up etc...and Thanks =3

Piecey. 3 kids; K-Town, KL, Germany 61825 posts
status 14th Jan '13

First off, happy two months to you little man today! That is scary stuff. I hope the meds do their job and you have no more issues.