Supafly★ 2 kids; Poland 14109 posts
14th Jan '13

I bought a couple gender neutral things around 6-7 months. I already had a u/s that told me he was a boy but I didn't trust it lol.

A, E & W's mommy 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Bulgaria 15617 posts
status 14th Jan '13

I started around 13 weeks and finished everything by 26 weeks with the exception of ordering the carseat and breastpump. It was a good thing since I went into labour 3 weeks later.

izzy+Ethan 2 kids; Edmonton, Alberta 4056 posts
14th Jan '13

i just slowley statred to get ebery thing by bout 20 weeks....i was always worried so i didnt take nothing out of the boxes or tags of the clothes till 35 weeks:oops:

my favorite name is MOM 2 kids; North Carolina 392 posts
14th Jan '13

from the day I found out I was pregnant I started buying stuff. I bought a thing of diapers and wipes every week! My DD is 4 months old and I still have enough diapers for another month or 2!

Crazyhazel89 1 child; Erie, Pennsylvania 3994 posts
14th Jan '13

I bought a crib at around 20ish weeks. Then I just waited til after my baby shower and what whatever else I needed....don't go all out on new born outfits/'ll be amazed at how fast they grow out of them!

Jane.Doe. Fukushima, Japan 2805 posts
14th Jan '13

This isent my first, but my first was 13 years ago LOL

We found out very early so it drove me nuts (I didn't find out ith my daughter till the second trimester so it went way faster!) I did buy a glider chair way earlier than I should've, but some lady was selling it for forty bucks! I couldn't resist, it was brand new! They usually go for $290.

Same thing with an angel monitor..I was around 6-8 weeks but someone was selling it for 20 bucks!

I just bought a pump ($110 one for $20 bucks) and a nursing bra last week. I'm almost 15 weeks now so I want to start buying actual stuff but I am hoping my husbands's mom will buy a lot of the expensive stuff lol We won't be getting regular paychecks until middle of feb. but as soon as we get there I'll start stocking up on diapers, onesies, socks and receiving blankets I think :)

momma of princesses 2 kids; Texas 1651 posts
status 14th Jan '13

I waited until after bby shower at 37 wks,,,,before that only thing I bought was the coming home outfit at 6 months,,and a blanket,,,I put the crib in layaway and that was it. I pretty much got lots of things at bbyshower,,my mom bought the stroller and carseat.

Eli&Elliot's Mommy! 2 kids; Brooklyn, New York 2109 posts
14th Jan '13

I bought the big stuff when I was 3-4 months and clothes when I found out the sex.