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status Jan 14th '13

to enter the world of cloth diapering! I need advice and tips. I bought the first wrap and pre folds from meijer. I would like to learn how to make them. Also, can I use old burp rags as pre folds? I thought I read somewhere that you could.

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Jan 14th '13

you can use old receiving blankets as flats, they work quite well.

if your going to CD and you want it to work right and not have leaks, etc. your going to need actual CDs tho. not gerber prefolds.. lol

try a online store like or to start. they both have great prefolds. also has good prefolds, and a cheap cover/prefold system (econobums) that work fairly well, tho i prefer the flips to the econobums hands down.

you can also get chinese cheapies (i dont because i prefer natural fibers) such as alvas, that are pockets. i hate stuffing pockets tho, so only have some for the nanny. we have some coolababy charcoal bamboo shells from ebay that i put cotton prefolds or hemp prefolds in that work great.