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14th Jan '13

My job position has slowed down but will return in the middle of February. The fiance and I decided it would be best if I returned to my hometown, stay with my parents, and work for a little while, because the season is busier here right now. While I'm here, I'm trying to gain my independence back ( I became SUPER dependent on him), and help him with money, because my position before wasn't making me any money and I couldn't help support either of us. I've also been motivated to eat healthier and workout for myself.
My relationship is on such a rocky edge, and I can't move home yet because honestly, I don't have my shit together quite yet (my opinion), or enough money saved to help support us if I moved back. He's kind of enjoying his "freedom" (not being nagged at, being financially stable) I don't know how long this "freedom" feeling he has is going to last, if it's going to stop, or what. I'm laid off until the middle of February, so I guess I'll have to see where my relationship stands by then, but I just want to know how I can help our relationship, being so far away.