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15th Jan '13

I decided to not send the kids to school today. I was up all night puking(6hrs straight) I decided that I wouldn't wake the kids this morning not only cause I was still vomiting but they have been around ne and lo.11 months while we have the flu.

Which is why lo was.sick on Sunday. I'm assuming since I am now sick.
I didn't want a call from school saying they were sick or pass it to others.

Glad I decided not to wake them. Cause I ended up puking from 5:30 am to 8:30am. My head hurts my ribs my back. Blah.

J hope lo didn't feel like this on Sunday, if so I am surprised she wasn't cranky.

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status 15th Jan '13

I hope you feel better soon! I have it too and it had knocked me on my ass since saturday. Now DH and LO are starting to get it.