Insanity Jennay. Due July 2 (twins); 3 kids; Kansas 5107 posts
status 15th Jan '13

Who has done it? Did you finish? Do you have before/after pictures? I plan on starting it in the next day or two and I am scared but excited to start! I sure hope I can stick with it!!

Party of 6 4 kids; Nevada 7535 posts
15th Jan '13

I never stuck with just that but I took workouts from that, p90x and then started on jamie eason's program once I got a gym membership. It was definitely a good workout though!! I lost all my before and afters too :( and I definitely don't still have the after body being pregnant lol. but I lost 50 lbs

yaya21 2 kids; Michigan 80 posts
15th Jan '13

I wasn't able to stick with it last time, but I just started it up again and did the fit test yesterday and my legs and butt are still sore. I can't wait to get to day two (waiting for the little ones to go to bed). I am hoping to tone up and loose a little weight. I don't have before and after pics. I am not big on getting my picture taken. Best of luck to you it will be worth it in the end. :D

Violent Femme 2 kids; Toronto, Ontario 696 posts
15th Jan '13

Just completed the fit test today! This is my first time trying it. It's intense!