Things for baby Destiny Marie Hicks 1 child; Mayville, North Dakota 240 posts
16th Jan '13

What all did you buy before the baby shower? I'm just wondering what all I should buy so I'm ready. Can never be too prepared!

materialista cadela♥ 2 kids; Brazil 26580 posts
16th Jan '13

stroller, carset, swing, bouncy chair thing lol, bassinet, playard...

user banned 33 kids; Blytheville, Arkansas 7534 posts
16th Jan '13

Buy everything you'll need unless someone explicitly states they'll get you a specific item for the baby. Providing for your baby is your job and there is no way you'll get stuff that'll last you the entirety of your child-rearing years.

Commander Shepard 18 kids; Jacksonville, Florida 6447 posts
16th Jan '13

I bought all the big stuff. Crib, carseat, swing, bouncer, stroller, etc. I also bought clothes in all different sizes.

Destiny Marie Hicks 1 child; Mayville, North Dakota 240 posts
16th Jan '13

Okay. I was just making sure on some of the things I'm getting. I already have the bassinet, and the car seat, stroller, and swing are on their way through the mail. Just didn't know what else there was off the top of my head (been forgetting a ton lately). Thanks ladys!

wonder girl Japan 11 posts
17th Jan '13

It depends on your own interest! Some people will buy all the things related to baby like dresses,towels,shoe,socks,powder creams lotions crawler cradle and many more depends up on the interest! It is good to buy the sets for one month!