Buldging red stretch mark!! Mamas3(B's) Due April 19; 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Indiana 1972 posts
16th Jan '13

Okay so you know how you get heat rash?
Well on the inside of my leg, i felt sore, i went through the day and never checked (its hard to with a big belly)
but i just took a shower, and its a stretch mark, its very red, buldging and very sore, Feels like heat rash!

Anyone ever have anything like it???

Nicola =) 1 child; Huntsville, Alabama 2783 posts
16th Jan '13

I had one like that on the underside of my belly when I was pregnant. I got it at about 32 weeks. I was pretty painful! I still have a little hard spot under that stretch mark.

Hopefully you won't but it was definitely uncomfortable!