Confusion. Sophias Mommy♥ 2 kids; Indianapolis, Indiana 2028 posts
16th Jan '13

So my Mother In Law has this family living with her. It started out with just there daughter because she wouldn't mind them & my MIL is excellent with kids, but then come summer time they all move in. They have 5 kids & them 2.. Well I don't really get along with the 2 adults, or agree with how they treat their childen. I've gotten into it with the father a few times & feel bad for doing it at her house.
Anyways my Fiance is really upset they are still their, He says he doesn't even feel at home anymore & it bothers him a lot =/ ...

Now the Womans mother moved in ( which she is SO sweet ) , but the other day she was talking to me and said " Oh Honey you are so nice, Nothing like Bob & Jane ( fake names lol ) made you out to be " ..

It's just so much drama with them, they are pathetic and I really miss how things use to be with my MIL =/ & that my SO can't even feel at home there.

Just a vent.