Mackenzie Eva Roberts Due May 1 (girl); 3 kids; Georgia 10 posts
17th Jan '13

I really love the name Mackenzie Nicole for our little girl that is due May 2nd but my husband is kind of not wanting to do so. Here is why...
His ex wife had a daughter (after they split up and he is not the father) and she named her Mackenzie. She now lives in Colorado. He had 2 kids with her of whom we see. We never see Mackenzie and I believe neither do his other 2 children with his ex wife. He just don't want Conner and Gracie to be confused and he also thinks it is wrong to name our daughter Mackenzie after his ex wife did the same. I don't know what to do. This is my last baby (I'm getting my tubes tied) and I really love the name Mackenzie and can not find another that will grab my heart like this one did.
I would like your opinion on the matter. Am I wrong for wanting to name our daughter Mackenzie Nicole? Or should I not do so for the fact that my step kids have a half sister already named Mackenzie?

A is Me 1 child; South Carolina 3782 posts
17th Jan '13

That's a damn good reason not to use that name. Find another one you like.

Serial Mom ✄ 18 kids; Michigan 2690 posts
17th Jan '13

Honestly, I think it'd be weird. I understand why your husband doesn't want to name her that. Also, it really probably would be confusing for the kids to have 2 sisters with the same name. I would try to find another name you love.

~*~HeatherC~*~ 1 child; Ontario 1579 posts
17th Jan '13

I totally understand where your husband is coming from. There were a lot of names that I liked but reminded my DH of someone he knew and didnt like etc and I respected him. We eventually found one we both loved!

SavageDarling 3 kids; Webster, Massachusetts 10381 posts
17th Jan '13

I'm with your husband on this. That would just be too weird. His kids would have two sisters named mackenzie. And how do they not see her ever if they have the same mother?? I doubt they have zero contact with her. I just would not do it. Find another name you like.

And besides, Mackenzie is actually a masculine name I'm pretty sure.

Momma +2 Girls 2 kids; Indiana 3612 posts
17th Jan '13

I agree with your husband on this, i wouldnt want to use the name either specifically for that reason. Maybe you can compromise and use it as a middle name?

✩BG Addict +2 2 kids; Ohio 24298 posts
17th Jan '13

i agree wth your husband.
there are many beautiful names out there. i'd pick a different one.

Back to Noob Status Ohio 14048 posts
17th Jan '13

There are way better names out there to use. Pick a different one.