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17th Jan '13
Quoting Due w/ a little boy!:" Your child is breech? I know it's risky to have a baby vaginally if your baby is breech and couldn't ... [snip!] ... a girl younger then me by about a year whose due 2 weeks before me said it's impossible to refuse a C-section to a breech baby."

You can refuse, yes. However, they have the option of not having you as a patient anymore, and anything that happens after that refusal is on you, and sometimes not covered by insurance since you're going against medical advice. Also, while some people (mostly midwives) are trained to deliver breech babies, I don't think I'd ever allow let alone force a Dr who was both uncomfortable and untrained to do it, you know? I mean, if I had a Dr who was comfortable with it? Sure, but the odds of a problem would be higher with someone who didn't want to do that and was very unsure of themselves.

I'd maybe find a Dr and hospital (or midwife) who agrees with your views first.

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17th Jan '13
Quoting Little momma09:" yeah i don't blame you!!! i went through a lot with my pregnancies and nothing scared me except for ... [snip!] ... successfully at 33wks (although he was early it was a success in my books!) i hope you're able to have your perfect delivery!"

Thank you! I really hope so as well, and man I don't know what I would do if he decided to come at 33 weeks which is what I am right now. I would flip out! I hope he will bake fore at least one more month!

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17th Jan '13

OBs can still scare you into thinking shoulder dystocia could happen....My ob said my son was too big for me and at risk for shoulder dystocia..I was induced and complications from the induction led to a c section.

He was NOT too big for me....7 lbs 2 oz. The Ultrasound can be way off on weight so dont trust it at all....same EXACT thing happened to my friend at a different hospital :(.

Her doctor was supposed to be very supportive of natural births...but honestly doctors are surgeons...not many know whats best for natural birthing...and even fewer for breech births.

If I were you I would switch to a midwife or hire a doula or both.
You would benefit from someone who is extremely knowledgable in your preferred birth plans

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17th Jan '13
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18th Jan '13
Quoting Due w/ a little boy!:" I mean hell if my OB drops me, they cant refuse to give me a doctor right??? And I guess if they do, ... [snip!] ... her to come and help because she did 3 at home and helped a few people give birth at home to. So I know she will be helpful."

you don't have to have an Ob deliver you, in Australia unless you pay privately you only get a midwife with 'low risk' pregnancies. I didn't have a doctor at all during my delivery, just a midwife and a second year med student. They called down to the single OB on duty that night once to ask if they wanted to consider a vaccum extraction, to which they were told that I would have to keep pushing until I was to exhausted because they were busy.