Is it normal to have sexy dreams about girls? MariyamB Due August 22 (girl); 2 kids; Bangor, Maine 168 posts
17th Jan '13

I have these sexy dreams abt girls ever since puberty. I usually get horny, but in real life I don't think I like girls.. Or maybe I do? Never thought about it, all I know I get horny when I see vaginas. Could be normal? Or do I like girls? Can't figure it out myself.

The Dandelion Rapist 18 kids; New Mexico 6885 posts
17th Jan '13

I look at naked women. I have had dreams in the past. It's a turn on for me, but the thought of actually being with another female grosses me out.

So, I would say it's normal, and I am just a perv. :wink:

Bella_Chelle 17 kids; Pennsylvania 5415 posts
17th Jan '13

Maybe you are curious. Vaginas are pretty

AndreaDanae 1 child; Port Washington, Ohio 273 posts
17th Jan '13

I thinks girls are more sexy than men. I am bisexual and live messing around with girls.

I have sex dreams all the time and would rather watch girl on girl

red roverr Colorado 127 posts
18th Jan '13

is anything but straight ABNORMAL?
it's a big-ass continuum from very gay to very straight, bland to kinky, low to high libido .. .. .. wtf does "normal" even mean??