Need help! Delivery! Mamas3(B's) Due April 19; 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Indiana 1972 posts
18th Jan '13

The only hospital in my state that offers water births in the hospital is Detroit hutzel hospital, thats 1 hour and 45 min away, is that to far away?

bloopbloop♥ 1 child; Illinois 13699 posts
18th Jan '13

I think its too far.

BrookeT Due April 26; Fort McMurray, Alberta 440 posts
18th Jan '13

I don't think so only because the ONLY hospital I can give birth at close to home is 1hr 45min away and everyone from my town has their babies there.

Vitameatavegamin 19 kids; League City, Texas 5829 posts
19th Jan '13

If you have 3 already that is pretty risky. It's very common for each labor to go faster every child you have.