1st birthday Chelsea Stidham 1 child; California 489 posts
19th Jan '13

What are some snacks to have at my sons first birthday party?? Any good ideas..?
& reasonable pricing.. im on a bit of a budget

Mrs. Curtis 1 child; Lompoc, California 1996 posts
19th Jan '13

i went to the dollar store and got chips and pretzles.. and a couple bottles of soda..
i had only adult friends come and DS was the only child so i didnt have to think of what little ones could eat...

for his second bday i did the same but also had hotdogs and mac and cheese.

ohh and cake lol

MomDIA TTC since May 2008; 81 kids; Warminster, Pennsylvania 3812 posts
19th Jan '13

Cheese curls, chips, pretzels, with dip, or do a veggie tray with dip

Shawndra Dias 3 kids; Morongo Valley, California 17 posts
21st Jan '13

Chips, dip, pretzels, finger foods and other of the same.

And dont forget to get the baby their own small cake too! Thats the best thing ever to see him/her smash into their own cake!! :)