Daughter 5 months and still rocking the blue eyes??!! Alexandria Cardona North Carolina 3 posts
19th Jan '13

Here is a picture of my eyes, and my husband has the same color with a little bit more hazelnutbrownish tint but we both have the brownish/green hazel eyes. Our daughter was born with a dark blue/grey color that has been getting lighter.. if you look at her picture you can see if you look really close, little specks of the hazelnut brown coming through. this picture taken at the 1st week of her being 5 months old]So i am guessing her eyes will end up at some point like our eyes.. I am hoping she will be lucky and keep some blue ;)

My mom has green eyes with blue tip.. so any chance you think her eyes will keep some of this color??

Pinky Pie ♥ 2 kids; Kingston, ON, Canada 4099 posts
19th Jan '13

My 3 yr old kept the blue eyes she was born with. Dad has brown, I have green. Her and my youngest have the exact same eye color. Kinda freaky.

A&J. ♥ 1 child; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 5613 posts
19th Jan '13

You never know. She could. Perhaps they'll turn a more hazelish color

Mrs. Curtis 1 child; Lompoc, California 1996 posts
19th Jan '13

i have blue eyes.. BD had brown..

some days Conan has blue eyes that are just so startling its amazing. ive had complete strangers compliment his eyes when they are that blue..
then the next day they will be a muggy brown color.
then a few days later bright blue again.

I love his eyes!!!

i also love his curls but we have to keep cutting them or he starts looking like a girl lol.

Levi and Brooklyn's Mommy 2 kids; Alabama 4531 posts
19th Jan '13

Mine are hazel /brown around the pupil and blue on the out side both kids have blue and dh has hazel

Boobo&bugs 2 kids; Simpsonville, South Carolina 7703 posts
status 19th Jan '13

You never know my siblings and I all have brown eyes and our parents have brown eyes. My sisters husband and my husband have brown eyes and their parents have brown eyes. Dd and both my sisters sons all have blue eyes.

Alexandria Cardona North Carolina 3 posts
19th Jan '13

Well I am hopeful. But either way her eyes turn out, I know they will be beautiful ;)

OnToTheNext1 2 kids; Hyattsville, Maryland 1239 posts
19th Jan '13

Me and my DH both have brown eyes him being black and I white. Our oldest DS has brown eyes, then we had our youngest DS and he has blue eyes. They also turn \a blueish grey and VERY rarely green. Likey in the last year they have been green three times.

I think he got them from my moms side of the family because all of them have hazel eyes. The only person who has bly eyes all the time is my great grandmother. Also my grandfather on my dads side has blue eyes as he's German. It's just different, when I first saw him after he was born I was shocked like WOW!!! I almost thought they switched babies lol, except I had a c section and he never left the room except with the nurs and my husband was with them so I know he'smine lol. Just crazy how genetics work.