So convinced I was going into labor Chels :3 Florida 2017 posts
21st Jan '13

Last night. I could barely walk. My crotch was on fire like when passing a clot while on my period. Shooting pains in my vagina. Sharp pains from my hair line to my belly button, and then tightening on the rest of my belly, and pains that radiated down my legs. I tried timing them, but they were so constant for so long I could barely tell time between them, And then they faded. I can barely walk at some points through the day now. LO is very active, and at my last check my cervix was soft, and pushing out, LO baring down. The round ligament pains are driving me insane! and my vagina on the outside and in. Hurt all the time now. The outside mostly. I have to push to pee, but it doesn't hurt to pee. It hurts my vagina but not where I'm peeing from so it's not bladder infection I go a decent amount, and I'm just blah. I'm definitely not rushing labor. Like I said before if she does decide to come, I'll welcome her. And let it happen lol. But at the same time I'd like to make it to February. I feel like I have to poo and pee all the time, from the pressure. I can't wait for this to be over. Everyone say's labor pains/signs are random. I wish someone could give me advice though :/