so confused,help/advice wouls be very appreciated!!! ProudMommy3Monsters Due November 23; Louisiana 2 posts
21st Jan '13

Ok I have 3 children so I am no beginner at pregnancy. I've always had pretty regular periods. Maybe a day or two late butt nothing ever extreme. November 12" my period was on time and 3-4 days and then a day or so of discharge like it has been for years. And december rolls a and a round and the 21st I started having mild cramping and started have a brown discharge. I thought it was odd because I do that at the end of my period. It lasted a day or so and was really light. Well I kept expecting my period and nothing. So I took test ( all different brands) all negative. Well now its January 20th I was suppose to start my period this month already & it never came. I kept having some cramps and running to the bathroom expecting my period but nothing and now no cramps anymore?!?! Took a test two days ago and still negative? Has anyone ever had this happen before??

my_babies Due March 15; 317 posts
21st Jan '13

Can you go to your doctor and have a blood test done? sometimes home pregnancy test can give you a false negative. Believe it or not, I heard of stories of woman who kept getting a negative result with the urine test and in fact they were pregnant. also depending on you age can it be menopause? Good luck and hope all turns out well.

ProudMommy3Monsters Due November 23; Louisiana 2 posts
21st Jan '13

My OB doesn't want to do a blood test I missed 3 periods and have a negative test. I'm only 23 years old menopause is definitely a long way in the future. Its just so confusing! Ive heard of false negatives I've never had them with any of my other pregnancies. I'm going to wait a few days and retest. I wasn't sure if maybe the discharge I had in December was maybe implantion bleeding? If it was would I be testing to soon? I'm looking for any answers now. Idk if I can go another month not knowing lol it would drive me crazy!