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21st Jan '13

It's definitely not the best name, but it's not the worst either. And hey, at least it's spelled correctly... not like Kallifornya or something lol.

Ellie. 34 kids; Arizona 25377 posts
22nd Jan '13
Quoting Thisperyears:" Reminded me of Red Hot Chili Peppers lol"

I was going to say that too! LOL

Mr's&Family* 2 kids; Arizona 3702 posts
22nd Jan '13

It's just an awkward name. I've heard the name Boston here and there.......for a dog. But when my girlfriend brought up this name I was like "huhhhhh?!".
I guess the reasoning for California is because the dad of this child is from there. I guess I should name my DD Chloe New Hampshire ;)

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22nd Jan '13

Eh....I've seen worse. At least it is spelled correctly.