For those that were overdue with their first baby Mama McNeely 2 kids; Bremerton, Washington 5117 posts
22nd Jan '13

Did you go overdue with your 2nd as well or dud you go labor on your own?

I was induced at 41.5 weeks with my first and really hoping this one comes around her due date : )

L&C's MoMMy 2 kids; Michigan 367 posts
22nd Jan '13

Watching :) I was induced after 41 weeks with my first

*beck-i* {JAS08} 3 kids; Prattsburgh, New York 4808 posts
22nd Jan '13

My first one was over due by 5 days and the second one was overdue by a week and they finally induced becuase he was huge!

CrAsH1988 Due June 17; 2 kids; Spencer, West Virginia 204 posts
22nd Jan '13

DD1 was 40wks 2 days, DD2 was 38 weeks 3 days

Chellie Due September 19 (boy); 2 kids; Vegas, Nv, United States 4788 posts
22nd Jan '13

I was 40w 5d with my oldest, almost 6 days being born at 11:46pm.
My second I was 40w, he came on his due date at 1:26am:)

Though my second pregnancy I had my toddler to chase around so I was more active than with my first.

linsα most, CZ, Czech Republic 30355 posts
22nd Jan '13

I was induced at 40.4 weeks with my first. I had a repeat C-section at 41.5 weeks with my second because there was no sign of labor coming. :oops:

r a b b i t ™ 1 child; Wildcat stuck in the Cards-nation, KY, United States 27518 posts
22nd Jan '13

My first was 42 weeks when she finally came by c-section.
My second came on her own at 35 weeks.

LumpySpacePrincess 2 kids; New Zealand 17060 posts
22nd Jan '13

Both my boys came naturally at 41 weeks and 2 days.

Momma x 2 18 kids; Whiskey Dick Mountain, WA, United States 1371 posts
22nd Jan '13

I was induced with my 1st at 42 weeks, had her at 42w1day

Was induced with my 2nd at 41w 3 days, had him the same day.

Mama McNeely 2 kids; Bremerton, Washington 5117 posts
22nd Jan '13

Gah sounds like some had to be induced again. : (

Miss. Tiff Due November 20; 33 kids; Odessa, Missouri 2874 posts
22nd Jan '13

My dd arrived at 42 Weeks after being induced, 31 hrs of labor & c section. My next will be a scheduled c section. Thank God!

Third Time Mommy 19 kids; Michigan 406 posts
22nd Jan '13

I went over due by 10 days with my first, then the night before I was going to be induced my water broke on its own. My daughter ended up getting stuck and I had to have a c-section. I had my 2nd by c-section at 39 weeks, and am scheduled for another 39 week c-section this time as well. That's 10 days from now and I don't feel close to labor at all.

Brandi Coyle Wallace 3 kids; Arkansas 284 posts
22nd Jan '13

I was induced at 40w4days with first. Second I was 42 weeks and 2 days when they finally induced me. I'm due in a few weeks now and they said they may induce at 39 weeks since I have big babies. (If I don't go into labor on my own) hoping I go into labor on my own this time lol

Nessy, Nova, and Bam Due March 4 (boy); 18 kids; 1 angel baby; Spokane, WA, United States 5241 posts
22nd Jan '13

Induced the first time at 40 weeks 5 days, second time induced 3 days early. BUT I was 5-6cm when I got there so i'm pretty sure I would have gone into labor on my own anyways. lol

user banned 2 kids; Washington 17453 posts
22nd Jan '13

I was 3 days over with my first. Two days before with my second.