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22nd Jan '13

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22nd Jan '13
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22nd Jan '13

My kids aren't in preschool, but I get ads in the mail with prices listed. I believe if I remember correctly the one close to us charges $145 a week!

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22nd Jan '13

We pay $6/day for J to go 3 days a week- it varies by how many days/month they go (when you add in holidays, etc). For January it was $114.00.

We're sending both boys 1 day a week to a 'private' preschool and it's $25/day for the whole day, includes lunch and snacks.

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22nd Jan '13

My son is 3, and he goes 3 days a week from 8-11. It's 87 a month, it's based on income because it's a military CDC.