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24th Jan '13

I'm not gonna lie, that would piss me off!

A husband should think his wife is beautiful, period.

Kay Peezy Due October 29; 2 kids; Maryland 1985 posts
24th Jan '13
Quoting *D & S's Momma *:" I'm not gorgeous or even that good looking or ever claim to be. I'm a little overweight but I also just ... [snip!] ... i'm not the best looking woman (which i'm not by no means) he should think i'm more than "average" I wrong for being hurt?"

To me it seems like you're more hurt about the way he communicated it than what he actually said. If you're realistic with yourself and don't want fake flattery, I understand being upset that he said it that way. There were better ways for him to communicate that to you I think. :)