So freakin excited Caressa+2 2 kids; Pennsylvania 2481 posts
Jan 24th '13

I seriously thought something was wrong with me, i'm on cd 21 and my cycles are usually 30-31 days so I was so confused. I was about to make a dr appointment and then I got this.... (This is my first month ever using ovulation tests)

We just bd'd yesterday, should we bd again today and tomorrow also? I really don't know what to do now haha.

thewininghooker. 1 child; 1 angel baby; Somewhere, In, Canada 72585 posts
status Jan 24th '13

I'd get to h*****g :wink:

Linz Field Due March 15 (boy); Wichita, Kansas 137 posts
Jan 24th '13

i did the clearblue ovulation got the smiley face.. for the next 2 days you are at your most fertile.. so get crackin lol.. also it doesnt hurt to try a day after it says your most fertile.. its what me and hubby did and i am havin my little boy march 16th :)

Caressa+2 2 kids; Pennsylvania 2481 posts
Jan 24th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Princess Lin ♥:</b>" I'd get to h*****g :wink:"</blockquote>

Just tried that haha. Our son decided he needed us as soon as we were finished and now I babysit until 6:30. As soon as they leave he better be all over me haha.