just not feeling good/depressed Mama Charli Due August 8; 6 kids; Texas 6387 posts
24th Jan '13

I have been sick for a little over 2 days now... Every time I get sick, I get depressed...Today has been one of those days where I just want to lye in bed and not move.... Kids not listening... went to the bathroom and my DS got ahold of my not even a month old Iphone and tried to wash it... My insurance didn't get put on the phone (which I should have double checked it but didn't) so now I have to buy a new phone full price... GAH! I just want my hubby home so he can hold me... Thank goodness my sister lives with us ATM. Other wise I would have gone bat shit crazy today...IDK maybe the depression is always there, it just gets worse when I get sick....and I have nothing to be depressed about...I don't get it.. All I know is all I wanna do is cry... Think maybe its time to get back on my meds...