EARLY LABOUR?????? Tammy Kelly Due February 11 (girl); Japan 20 posts
24th Jan '13

To all the mummies out there, what were your early labour signs as im sure things are happening and im in early labour, i have been getting contractions that seem to be getting stronger but not timeable as yet, could NOT stop eating everything in site the past 3 days and i am not a big eater, have not stopped using the bathroom and pretty sure i have nothing left to go #2, i am also so tired and not feeling right and have also had some mucous show, with my first son i lost my mucous plug the day i had him, had no other symptoms and was 5 years ago, this pregnancy has been completely different with all the symptoms. so what im asking is can some mummies please tell me what they experienced close to or prior to having their baby even a day or week prior...... once my contractions get more painful and regular i will certainly call l&d but im just laying back letting my body do its thing for now. Thankyou. p.s im 37+3 days and am high risk of pre term but have been told if she comes now i will be having her as she is small and not overly thriving in my tummy anymore and is considered term. Thankyou