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☆ IVAN'S MAMI 1 child; Utah 4216 posts
25th Jan '13
Quoting Squeekerz:" Damn.. I wish I was lucky enough to get off that many times. :lol: "

i feel the same way..

Monkey Nuts Australia 4572 posts
25th Jan '13
Quoting ♫ boobook ♫:" <blockquote><b>Quoting M walls:</b>" All i need is 2 minutes to get off, luckily im ... [snip!] ... not a guy"</blockquote> Seriously? I have never had an orgasm from just f**king. I have to have lots of stimulation."

yeah that shit is NOT fair..
It apparently just depends on how your vagina is really..
I mean my dude doesn't even have a big dick. It's small to average.. he know's what he's doing though.

Still gotta love those c**t orgasms though.

Onalee's Mummy Due August 26 (boy); 1 child; Newcastle, Australia 5355 posts
25th Jan '13

I struggle to orgasm. I don't always and it's really hard for me to actually get their.

When SO and I started dating he once made me 9 times. I don't know what it's was but that's never ever happened again.

Usually I'm lucky for one occasionally 2

⚓Misty⚓ 4 kids; Keenesburg, Colorado 7275 posts
25th Jan '13
Quoting Monkey Nuts:" I literally had four just now.... and we were having sex for like 5 minutes. But it was f**king intense ... [snip!] ... so much passion and desire.. I think that upped the anti.. Man us girls with multiples are so lucky. Sex makes me so happy :D"


⚓Misty⚓ 4 kids; Keenesburg, Colorado 7275 posts
25th Jan '13

Me and SO work opposite shifts so we dont have much time to spend together during the week so i get as much as i can when do have sex. Since having DS i can only have 5-6 before im so tiredc

Casbutt Due April 27; 2 kids; Columbus, OH, United States 13769 posts
status 25th Jan '13
Quoting ☆ IVAN'S MAMI:" i feel the same way.. "

I feel like I'm missing out :x

☆ IVAN'S MAMI 1 child; Utah 4216 posts
25th Jan '13
Quoting Squeekerz:" I feel like I'm missing out :x"

same here.. ...some one help us ...

Vince Offer 2 kids; Bellevue, Washington 223 posts
25th Jan '13

Wayy more than 5. Not all at once, but what can I say? I had some fun times. Hours' long sessions.

boringwife 1 child; Highlands Ranch, CO, United States 7035 posts
25th Jan '13

i had my first penetration orgasm around christmas
it was amazing.
and has happened every time since

not sure what changed?