What's a good middle name for Ethan?? ❤ Mama to 2 boys 2 kids; New York 286 posts
26th Jan '13

So DH & I chose Ethan but we want a middle name but we font know what flows right with Ethan

Bad Things 1 child; Blacksburg, SC, United States 19670 posts
26th Jan '13

Ethan James popped in my head first.

Colt's mommy 1 child; Moore, Oklahoma 23656 posts
status 26th Jan '13

Ethan Michael popped in to my head

Kady 5 kids; 1 angel baby; A, TX, United States 3513 posts
26th Jan '13

Ethan Luke
Ethan Micheal

hiswifetheirmama TTC since Jun 2012; 34 kids; Michigan 215 posts
26th Jan '13

My nephew is Ethan Robert.

*KatteyBug* 2 kids; My City, AL, United States 2660 posts
status 26th Jan '13
Quoting Colt's mommy:" Ethan Michael popped in to my head"

:!: :!: This!

*Lindsey* 3 kids; Alberta 8798 posts
26th Jan '13

i thought ethan james too.
Ethan jace, i find when you say it with the last name as well it all flows better nicely.

MommyToWesley 1 child; Delaware 3847 posts
26th Jan '13

The first thing I thought of was Ethan Alexander.
I also like Ethan James, Ethan Michael, and Ethan Tyler.

Kimber's Mommy 1 child; South Carolina 4272 posts
26th Jan '13
Quoting JessieLeeAnne:" Ethan James popped in my head first."


if DD had been a girl, we were going to name her sebastian ethan james.

1Pink&1Blue 2 kids; Springfield, Ohio 1447 posts
26th Jan '13

My Ethan is Ethan Alan