pp period help Laciea Delay 1 child; Greensburg, Indiana 108 posts
26th Jan '13

so I started my first pp period 2 weeks ago. im 9 weeks pp btw when I started I took my birth control pill that day and started the pack.....why in the hell have I bled 2 weeks straight??? Im callin the doc monday but has anyone had this happen...its really annoying me. can it be from the dumb pills? Before when I was not on any bc I had 4 or 5 day tops on my periods not too heavy either...O and im bleeding quite alot I have to wear super never did I wear a super tampon before..I wanted the mirena but for some reason the doc wanted me to take the so irritated.

avagada da vita 1 child; Japan 3 posts
26th Jan '13

I'm having my pp period right now and its ridiculously heavy. My ob said its normal to be heavier and longer. Also she said more pain is normal to because your body isnt really use to having a cycle anymore

Laciea Delay 1 child; Greensburg, Indiana 108 posts
26th Jan '13

Hmmm I feel like for the last 2 months all i have done is bled. 5 weeks after I had my son and this has been two weeks so I got a two week break. How can there be so much, I will never know. It is very heavy but two weeks is a lil long for a period I was thinking, maybe not tho. My body and hormones are all messed up from having DS.