Early Labor? Part two lol Mama McNeely 2 kids; Bremerton, Washington 5117 posts
26th Jan '13

So I was induced with my first so forgive all these questions.

I was 1 cm Mon and this morning I went into L&D for bad back pain and constant contractions. I was 2..5cm when I got there and walked for an hour and got to 3cm. Another hour later I hadn't progressed so they send me home. So I assume it wasn't active labor. Still having strong contraction/bhs not close enough together though and new symptom, I cannot keep anything down. I keep having bad diarrhea and losing all of it? Trying not to get my hopes up. But anyone else have a similar story?

Devil Duckie 3 kids; New York 48700 posts
26th Jan '13

you can contract for days and being dilated means nothing. You may be in very early labor, but then again, you may just stop all together and go another 4 weeks.