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Constipation 8 weeks old Katrinagym84 1 child; Indianapolis, Indiana 1170 posts
27th Jan '13

My little one is EBF and is constipated and in pain.

Tried a little formula mixed with dark karo syrup -- nothing

She barley will take a bottle her dad has to do it and its a fight toll over an hour for her to take one ounce last night. so stuf added to bottle is very hard to do.

I need some sugestions please help my LO go poopie she is pain. I have also been using gas drops like crazy . she is the gassy bab I have ever seen. Like some last like 5-8 seconds and she is screaming in pain until they come out. I am not eating dairy or most veggies on the list that can cause tummy problems in little ones HELP

Sofie+#2 2 kids; Sheffield, So, United Kingdom 7799 posts
27th Jan '13

Don't give her formula, it'll make it worse. Try cutting soy out of your diet for a bit and see how that works.

kitty_ks 1 child; Kansas 41 posts
27th Jan '13

Stimulate the rectum with a thermometer dipped in vasolin. It worked great for dd. But be prepared it can be messy.

Katrinagym84 1 child; Indianapolis, Indiana 1170 posts
27th Jan '13

like how far do i put it in.. and do I move it around in circles or in and out?