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Inglebert Humperdink 3 kids; New Jersey 121 posts
30th Jan '13

I don't censor anything unless it's super explicit. My son is 10, my girls are 7 and 5.. they are WELL AWARE of what good and bad language is and I have never heard any of them say a bad word. I don't let the 5 year old watch sexually explicit things on tv and what my oldest daughter and son sees is limited. Although my moron of a brother did let him watch "that's my boy" with Adam Sandler. That was not ok with me. My older 2 know in very limited terms right now what sex is. They kind of understand what's going on if 2 people start getting undressed together on tv. I won't let them watch if i know it's going to be really racy or explicit, but if it's just kissing or something I'm like "whatever, no big deal." we're very open around my house.. if they want to know something, i'm going to tell them. But i'm not going to pretend that I wasn't SHOCKED when my 7 year old told me how babies are made and how they get out of mommy's belly. She never asked me that. She said she read it in a book. I guess i should just be thrilled she's reading.. lol

Tig Ol' Bitties 2 kids; St Catharines, Ontario 2658 posts
30th Jan '13

I don't swear in front of DD but I rarely censor music (unless its extreme) because I look at music as a art form. Similarily I wouldn't show my daughter some random p***s but I would have no issues with her veiwing a painting that I deemed to have artistic merit.