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27th Jan '13

On announcing our new little stinker on Superbowl Sunday...
I'll be 11 weeks tomorrow... a day away from being 12 weeks then.

My husband's family, who rarely comes to visit, will be at his parent's party as well as the rest of his entire family.
I'm just torn.... we were going to wait until I was passed 14 weeks but this is a great opportunity, AND I will have to think of a really cool way to announce it because what we had planned already was mailing out announcements and still had no idea how to announce it to his parents lol


Naturally Alternative 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Lafayette, Louisiana 6148 posts
status 27th Jan '13

We announced a bit earlier than we normally would have because of xmas.

Get your older kids a shirt like this:
zoeys_new_football_allstar__64978.133175with what ever team ya'll are rooting for. Or just write it on a t-shirt.

deleted crazy train, tx, Holy See (Vatican City State) 9655 posts
27th Jan '13

You should do it. Wait till the end of the game that way you can either lighten up the mood if your team loses, or add to the excitement if your team wins. :D

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27th Jan '13

Get a nb sized football outfit and be like "So excited.for next year's football season!