Black Cat 1 child; Marvel, PA, United States 3827 posts
28th Jan '13
Quoting Cheyenne [23weeks]:" But did you know that the guy who played as the crow died during the making of the film? During the ... [snip!] ... and everyone is shooting at him, someone actually put real bullets in the gun and when he falls off the table, he really died."

Yes. Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee's son.

[28weeks] North Carolina 113 posts
28th Jan '13
Quoting Miss Brittany:" Did you even read what I wrote? I never said you got it from the movie. I said it was in the movie. I also said that it was his last name."

Sorry, I misread it . I thought you said that I got it from the movie. A Lot of people on here have been giving me shit for all grades of things. I had people telling me I am selfish and should give my baby up for adoption.