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The Doctor 2 kids; Boulder, CO, United States 60753 posts
Jan 28th '13
Quoting Raindancer:" That is how it was at Walmart. That is why they demoted me when I came back from my maternity leave. I am so glad I quit that job!"

I think I'm going to look for a different job after my maternity leave is up at the end of this year.

The other girl who came back from maternity leave was demoted-- and she's been with the company for longer than I have.

Crystallized Due February 24; 1 child; California 431 posts
Jan 28th '13

I was in school and working full time while pregnant. I took the semester off towards the very end of my pregnancy, but only because he would have been born right at the beginning of the semester and I knew I wouldn't be able to focus.