greysonsmommy Due May 5 (boy); 16 kids; North Carolina 25 posts
29th Jan '13

your not supposed to cause there is a main artery running thru the bottom of your back and they said after 4 months ur uterus is to heavy and cuts off some of the blood flow to ur heart which affects ur baby to

Blair Nealey 2 kids; Darlington, South Carolina 312 posts
29th Jan '13

I slept on my back during my first pregnancy and I do it during this pregnancy and nothing bad has resulted from it. I don't do it all the time but who can honestly sleep on their side all night every night? I have woken up so sore from sleeping on my side too much. My muscles literally would ache on whatever side I had been sleeping on if I slept that way for too long.

Angel Mommaa Due February 22 (boy); 16 kids; Indianapolis, Indiana 525 posts
29th Jan '13

My OB said not to sleep on your back after 14 weeks. It makes my hips feel so much better on my back though! ugh.

Dr. Angelface 2 kids; California 8236 posts
29th Jan '13

i try to sleep on my sides every night and like you it hurts my hips and back. every morning i wake up on my back and it freaks me out (i'm only 21 weeks)
i swear after i get off of my back my heart starts pounding for a while but maybe it's in my head. i don't know...