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The shot or the inplanon? *poll Addison&Quinn'sMama 2 kids; Iowa 13172 posts
29th Jan '13

Which would you recommend? I cant take the pill because every kind makes me vomit all night long, and I had the Mirena and that fell out so I will not have anything inside of me.

Mummy-2-2-Monsters 2 kids; Seven Hills, Australia 8778 posts
29th Jan '13

Implanon NXT hands down.

Mom of 4 Little Boys! 4 kids; 2 angel babies; Hillsboro, Oregon 4409 posts
status 29th Jan '13

I've never had the Implanon but DEFINITELY dont get the shot. It sucks and has horrible side effects.

Monsters Mama*12 weeks* Due November 7; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Illinois 1000 posts
30th Jan '13

I had the implanon and I think it was a good birth control. It may or may not be the cause of my weight gain haha.

♥Mizy ♥ 1 child; 4 angel babies; Far far away land, IA, United States 30539 posts
30th Jan '13

I had issues with implannon but it is a lot better then the shot.

Tori Loutzenhiser 2 kids; Nebraska 236 posts
30th Jan '13

My doctor recommended not getting either of those. The implannon has been taken off the market multiple times and the shot just sucks.

Rebecca Diane Utz Due April 17 (girl); Orange Beach, Alabama 24 posts
31st Jan '13

The shot is terrible! I gained a 100 pounds in six months and had a 28 day period coming off of it!

Zombie Mom ✄ 1 child; Washington 13824 posts
1st Feb '13

I had both. They're the same thing BUT I had more problems with the shot. With the shot they reccomend you take calcium and folic acid supplements because it does something to your bones. I was 14 and was on it for 3 years and I had to drop out of PE class in highschool because I couldn't run, my hips hurt so bad. I got off it and it took 1 year to return to normal. Also had implanon after my daughter for 2 years I loved it! I was kind of heavy though, close to 200lbs so its not as effective. and my periods were regular and then irregular. usually they stop in smaller women though.