They say time heals everything...time goes by so slow tho LynMarie.xo Due January 18; Ontario 113 posts
31st Jan '13

The love of my life left me and our two week old son for another woman with two babys. (twins) He will hardly spend any time with our boy. He still holds it against me i didnt abort. Which was not the case when i was 36 weeks or even a couple weeks after i decided i'd keep him. He made it seem like he was happy and exited. I never knew he was like this... never saw anything coming it doesn't make any sense really. & It hurts so much, more than anything. I did so much for him spend so much time on him, we were together for over a year and a half and out of the blue he tells me he jsut doesnt feel that way anymore after holding my hand and looking me in the eyes with love all the way through birth. I know he really doesnt love me now though bc I took our son to London yesterday so he could see him, we talked about things and they got a little heated and he jsut walked out on us. No goodbyes, kisses or I loves you's for Sam. I just know he doesnt feel anything for me now. I think even the last time when I was still in the hospitol and he visited he had already hooked up with this chick. It blows my mind and is the most painful thing ive ever experienced... I love him so much I want him back so bad even tho he is a complete fuckhead....Dont know wat to do or think I feel like im going to start impacting the baby soon I cant stop crying it wont leave my mind. Doesnt help the background on my computer is a slideshow of 800 pics that we took together his dog and him pop up alot. I feel guilty I brought this little boy into a life like he will have, I need to get better mentally but need help. He used to be my everything when something hurt I'd run to him. Now im more alone than ever, I know I have the kidlet but it doesnt help much bc i am always crying with him it makes things worse bc i dont want him to pickup on how upset I am. Don't know what to do....anyone want to share their stories/experiences with love loss?? Some hope that it will get better soon would be real nice....

Tig Ol' Bitties 2 kids; St Catharines, Ontario 2687 posts
31st Jan '13

I'm sorry hun, big hugs

LynMarie.xo Due January 18; Ontario 113 posts
31st Jan '13

Dont be sorry it aint so bad I think im just a wimp. I need too get over it. I have so many questions...I wonder if I was just being played!?

willoughfam Due May 26; 3 kids; Burlington, North Carolina 331 posts
31st Jan '13

Best thing you can do is let him go. This reminds me of a picture I saw on Facebook earlier that said "If another woman steals your man, the best revenge is to let her keep him." I wouldn't make anymore attempts to contact him. I've been where you are. Me and my husband are finally in a good place, but it hasn't always been this way. Last year he left me high and dry with no income, raising our kids alone. He went to live with his mom, changed his number, and I didn't hear from him for a month. I cried for a couple days but then one day I got up and said "to hell with this! Why am I crying over someone shedding no tears for me after 5 years of marriage??" That was that. I filed for custody of our kids and we went to court and I was granted temporary custody. My husband made himself look stupid in court and I walked out smiling. That was a Monday. He called me that afternoon. That Friday he asked to come home. He was fine with hurting me until he saw I wasn't hurting anymore. Some a*****es get a sick satisfaction out of hurting women. I promise you will be ok. Your son will be ok too. The fact that he can see the baby and still talk about you not getting an abortion is enough to show he's not the dad you want. Don't contact him anymore. Just live your life for you and your baby. Keep your chin up.

Tweakrachie 84 kids; Australia 846 posts
31st Jan '13

I am sorry you are feeling this way really I am.
If I can add my story I'm not sure if it will help but anyway.
I have three children my two girls are not my husbands children, When I was 15 I meet my ex partner he was everything to me (so I thourght) i was young and in love we had been together for two years when I discovered I was infact pregnant with my eldest daughter he was excited, supportive we decided we would move in together in a apartment and raise her.
When I had my daughter things were perfect he was a great father and partner he supported us emotionaly and finacialy after my daughter was 6 months old we decided to look for a larger place since it was third floor up and only two bedrooms with no car spot.
When we found a place it was perfect moved in a settled all of a sudden things started turning sour my daughter was around 15 months old then we decided to try to work out everything and stay together for our daughter just two months later I was pregnant again thins time with my youngest daughter, the aruging got worse I wanted to try to work things out I tryed everything when I was around 20 or so weeks pregnant in the middle of a fight my partner at the time decided he had, had enough and started throwing things at me, followed by abusing me I called the police in which he was charged and ended up in jail.
I moved out back to my mums then stupid enough we I decided to try to make it "work" again he was released from jail on our daughters due date we were'nt living together because we just knew we couldn't.
Some where he had picked up a drug habbit and violence was getting worse, I applyed for goverment housing which I was approved and moved 2 hours away, thats when I knew it was getting bad he stalked me "Moved in" controlled my money but I still loved him, I couldn't do it anymore I had to have him go he was hitting me daily and putting me down.
I remember having to tell him I didn't love him (when I really did) so he'd leave and that was that. (I couldn't put all the details in but the abuse was really bad resulting in a few charges and 8 years of AVO's)
sometimes love is not enough count your blessings he didn't stick around and you ended up under a spell because love can lead you to do stupid things.

Just to let you know I moved on I am now married to a man who knows how to treat someone right we have been together for 8 years and have a son and another baby on the way, Some times we just need to suck it up and move on.

He's not worth it and you deserve better. all the best :)
BTW it's my children that kept me strong they were my reason for living.

LynMarie.xo Due January 18; Ontario 113 posts
31st Jan '13
Quoting Tweakrachie *due 2nd aug:" I am sorry you are feeling this way really I am. If I can add my story I'm not sure if it will help but ... [snip!] ... not worth it and you deserve better. all the best :) BTW it's my children that kept me strong they were my reason for living."

Thanks for that it sure did help.... Maybe his whole problem is the drugs too he almost suffocated me when i was around 20 weeks too bc i tried to call the police. He did acid when i was 36 and mdma alot in the summer when we'd fight.. Guess u r right. It is hard tho eh. :P Did you ever get over him completly? Stop loving him at all? Did it take having your new man around or to you still reminise... ? Thanks a bunch dude i didnt think anyone would help i thot people would say o suck it up you baby, im glad people can relate and share their stories. <3 take care enjoy your youngin!! :D