Zekes mom 1 child; San Antonio, TX, United States 3106 posts
31st Jan '13

Not my son...but my puppy yes! :( He's vicious

Crystal Shanahan Due July 1 (boy); 1 child; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 12 posts
31st Jan '13

Yes yes and yes.. My son is crazy and seems to only want to do everything he is not supposed to or just completely ignore me when i ask him to do something..It seems hopeless someday's and hard not to lose my temper but i am finding to do more constructive things with him makes him calm and happy..I have put away some of his puzzles and books ect. and pull them out when he is seeming relentlessly bad..its still hard most days but just trying to stay positive and know that it is just a phase..I hope haha

LoveMyBubbaBoy 2 kids; Michigan 3190 posts
31st Jan '13

Mostly I say "Don't feed the dog your dinner..." Lol. Or I tell him not to climb over things. He's 10 months old and has mastered moving things so he can climb. He's cute, but that's crazy. lol.

~Raylan's Mama~ 1 child; Tennessee 2116 posts
31st Jan '13

All of those, except it's "DON'T HIT MILO(dog)" plus "DON'T TOUCH THAT", "PUT THAT BACK", "GET OUT OF THAT", "BE CAREFUL" (He likes to throw balls, but sometimes hits things he shouldn't), "DON'T FEED MILO THAT!" and he's only 16 months lol :shock:

Doesn't help that everyone else would let him get away with murder just cuz "he's too cute to yell at":x Darn him and his cuteness lmao