Child Support Question Samuel's Momma~ Due December 9 (boy); Lodi, 4 posts
31st Jan '13

So my Baby Daddy is in the army. Me and Him were wondering how much child support is, like the adverage amount for a infant, my son is about to be 7 weeks old. We also are trying not to involve courts and stuff.

TrixieGirl Due July 4; 1 child; Maryland 1175 posts
31st Jan '13

check the child support enforcement website. I heard there is a calculator that you can use based off of each persons situation and income.

Me+ (3) 3 kids; Lima, OH, United States 1735 posts
31st Jan '13

It all depends on where you live. Here in Ohio, it can be up to 60% of his monthly income. BEFORE taxes. but, if they do not work at the time the order is set, it's state min. which is $50 a month.
From personal experience, the age of the child doesn't matter.. it's about how many kids, income of BOTH parents.. medical cost, etc.
Keep in mind, depending on where you live, if you &/or the baby receive any gov't assistance they can make you file for child support even if you don't want to.

Kelly&Coralie 1 child; Rochester, NY, United States 56009 posts
31st Jan '13

Take it to court, seriously

There are benefits for military kids (so I've heard. Like college money and stuff)

Your child will get insurance through the military as well

Me+ (3) 3 kids; Lima, OH, United States 1735 posts
31st Jan '13

Oh and btw,
My BD has two kids, one being our son.. and his monthly support for our son is $281 a month. That's based off an $8/hr 40 week job.
He pays roughly $250 for his daughter, as well.

*Axel's_Mommy* 1 child; Clarksville, Tennessee 120 posts
31st Jan '13

the baby will definitely get his medical insurance. and if you dont waant to involve the courts, i would ask his NCO and they can also keep him accountable for paying on time and keeping up with his responsibilities as a father. but i would go to court, regardless of how old the child is.

Logan,Lilly&Landen's Mom♥ 3 kids; Virginia 2954 posts
status 31st Jan '13

My friend had a kid by someone in the military and she was getting about $400 a month.

Annie Carpenter Due November 7 (girl); 1 child; Lacey, Washington 69 posts
31st Jan '13

depends on the state. here in tx is 400. my husband is in the military and we have a buddy whose military also and has 2 child supports. he can use tricare for your child. military can only give college benefits if they have been 10+ years.