Kelsey89B Due May 19; 1 child; Canterbury, United Kingdom 6 posts
4th Apr '13

Hey everyone only been on gaga a day lots of good information and people. Im expecting my 2nd baby in May me and my bf couldnt be more excited.

manda3320 Due May 23; Japan 4 posts
9th Apr '13

I am due June 1st but being induced May 25th... We are having a girl! This is our second, and we have a 16 month old son.

proudmammy Due May 3; Beaumaris, United Kingdom 1 posts
13th Apr '13

I'm due may 4th... (3wks today!) I have 2 boys who are so excited and can not wait to meet their little sister! <3

SallyElla Due May 8 (girl); Australia 1 posts
15th Apr '13
Quoting Kailin Larche:" im due may 9th with a girl, she s our second we have a son who will be 13 months on the 13th<3 and couldnt be happier i love my babies:)"

I'm due the same day and having a girl, my second. I have an 8 year old daughter, she's been an awesome help and brings me tea or my favourite book. She's always asking me what she can do to help and keeps telling me to sit and relax but I can't! feeling very energetic.. apart from right now I have a very energetic little girl who won't let me sleep....

Terri Hirschi Due May 19; 2 kids; Washington 2 posts
15th Apr '13
Quoting JaydenIcantwaittomeetyou:" Mine is due May 19th <3 I cant wait ! my first child, is it yours ? how do you feel ? what do you do to relax (:?"

Mine is due May 20th, this is my third. My son just turned 3 today and my daughter turns 5 May 19th. I feel exhausted but there's a lot going on than just getting ready to give birth. My fav. thing to do to relax is take a hot shower then curl up in bed with a movie or book while everyone (including the dogs) are asleep.

Congrats on your first baby!

Samantha Browneyes Due May 10; Japan 1 posts
28th Apr '13

my 4th lol and its a girl!! due may 13th (induced birth) if i dt go into labor before then !! good luck ladies!!:lol: