Implantation bleeding question Mama Risha Due June 5 (girl); 2 kids; Murfreesboro, 576 posts
31st Jan '13

What's the latest any of you have had any type of implantation bleeding or light brown spotting only when you wiped but then went away the same day?

I'm 12 dpo and had a little bit of light brown cm earlier this morning & now it's gone! I guess you can say I'm VERY hopeful !

I did insemination during my " fertile window " but not on my most fertile day ( positive opk day) can things be happening a little later than expected? Af is due on the 2nd.

☠ Meg13 ☠ 2 kids; Kansas City, Missouri 13167 posts
31st Jan '13

I had a wee bit when I wiped, but went away the same day.

Good luck!