Gir is a Slytherin TTC since May 2012; 3 kids; Iowa 3307 posts
31st Jan '13

Damn, I must be a bad mom, I have tats and piercings too.

Someone tried telling me that when I was pregnant and I just laughed at them and told them they were acting rediculous

~*Lette*~ 50 kids; Kailua, Hawaii 710 posts
31st Jan '13

If having tattoos and piercings makes someone a bad parent then me and DH are horrible. He's got 6 tattoos and I have 4 so far. I also have my tongue pierced as well as 3 holes per earlobe, my ear cartilage, an industrial, belly button, and c**t hood pierced. So according to your SO's theory, I must be the devil :/
He's an idiot. Tell him to screw himself.

LumpySpacePrincess 2 kids; New Zealand 17060 posts
1st Feb '13

Well damn my mum must be the worst grandmother in the world because she has all of her grandchildrens names tattooed on her, a massive tattoo that takes up half her back for her two kids as well as various other tattoos and more to come. And she has her tongue pierced too.

I mean, her grandchildren absolutely adore her and she would do anything for them, but she has tattoos. Therefor all the amazing things she does and the love she gives is null and void. Obviously. :roll:

Tell your SO his idiotic views are worse for the childs upbringing that mum having a few tats and piercings.

Tristan and Auroras mummy 2 kids; Australia 595 posts
1st Feb '13

I have tattoos and piercings as well and it doesn't make you a bad mum..I'm going to get my kids names done when I have the $$ I feel it shows how much you love them, just ignore him do what you want to do and be who you want to be screw the haters!

Mommy2Kay 1 child; Florida 4211 posts
1st Feb '13

My BD told me the same thing because I had my belly button pierced (from before, he met me with it). I took it out and I regret it, I wish I had stayed with it.

MamaDSx2&SDD Due July 8; 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Monroe, Michigan 10013 posts
1st Feb '13

damn i must be horrible then :/
tattoos and piercings have NOTHING to do with how good of a parent you are!

~mama~ 3 kids; Susanville, CA, United States 1354 posts
1st Feb '13

I have 9 piercings and 4 tattoos one is of my oldest sons name and I don't think they affect my parenting skills, if anything it's making my kids more accepting of other peoples choices. If they see people with crazy piercings or tattoos they say "oooh look how cool" instead of being afraid and judgmental. Your SO is a dick :?

E-08 & I-12's : Mamii 2 kids; Las Vegas, Nevada 1266 posts
1st Feb '13

Thanks ladies!! You all made me feel better!!