when did you start showing? Kbyers91 1 child; Albany, Ohio 164 posts
1st Feb '13

I'm 10w ks today, and was jw when everyone started showing?

Boobo&bugs Due September 24; 1 child; Simpsonville, South Carolina 7569 posts
1st Feb '13

At 28 weeks I could finally see a bump and so could dh. But it wasn't until 2 weeks later that I actually looked pregnant to others or while wearing clothing. So 30 weeks.

k♥[j&a] 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Kentucky 1057 posts
1st Feb '13

1st pregnancy- around 6 months.
2nd pregnancy- around 4 months.

Freya D Due December 27; 1 child; Brookings, Oregon 1196 posts
1st Feb '13

19 ish weeks

deleted13 Turkey 135 posts
1st Feb '13

Around 23 weeks

GTFOGTFO 6 kids; Italy 5611 posts
1st Feb '13

1st: around 5 or 6 months.
2nd: right after I peed on the test.

Emma Mayo Due February 25 (boy); 18 kids; Manchester, United Kingdom 321 posts
1st Feb '13

round 20 weeks. x

Mary Sanchez xo Due May 1 (boy); 1 child; Morgan Hill, California 9 posts
1st Feb '13

Everyone is different, but I started really "showing" around 20 weeks. Started getting comments from strangers around 25 weeks. With my first I didnt "show" until around 28-30 weeks. I am 27 weeks with my second now. I have friends that have started showing a bump as soon as 12 weeks but they have a much smaller frame than I do,. I am a bigger framed person, so it takes melonger to "pop". Hope this helps!

**Cali's Mommie**[EBF] 2 kids; San Jacinto, California 661 posts
1st Feb '13

around 17 weeks is when i noticed and about 22 weeks when other people notice i still havnt had a stranger notice with my first i showed more later!

[Shelly&Dexter&Felix] 2 kids; 1 angel baby; London, United Kingdom 5014 posts
status 1st Feb '13
Quoting Kbyers91:" I'm 10w ks today, and was jw when everyone started showing?"


Cαtwomαn 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Gotham, DC, United States 12609 posts
1st Feb '13

About 20 weeks.

Cry Baby 1 child; ........, .., United States 16544 posts
1st Feb '13

I'm really short and have a real short torso. I started getting comments around 15 weeks. Now at 21 weeks I have a super noticeable belly.

GaJen Due February 1 (boy); 1 child; Georgia 16 posts
1st Feb '13

3 months I could tell - 4 everyone else could

Nozzy 1 child; Belgium 279 posts
1st Feb '13

I started showing around week 15/16. Now its extremely noticeable. Such a huge belly.

Kbyers91 1 child; Albany, Ohio 164 posts
1st Feb '13

I noticed today that my pants are getting tighter. But I don't look pregnant. Lol, I just look chunky like I eat a :(