GERD? penispenispenisVAGINA 4 kids; Idaho 7116 posts
1st Feb '13

From what I was reading online I think my LO has GERD! Have any other mamas been through it? Anything you can tell me to know if it is GERD or something else. What has been done for it? what have your doctors said about it? Right now I want to pull my hair out for not having any answers on what is wrong with my son!!!

heather2470 Due November 22 (girl); Madisonville, Kentucky 163 posts
2nd Feb '13

Gerd or Gastroesophageal reflux disease is just the fancy name for acid reflux. Basically means he spits up or throws up due to it. The things that help my little one with it is to feed them kind of sitting up at an angle and leaving the baby up right for about 30 after each feeding. If it gets too bad your dr may have you add a specific amount of rice cereal to the milk to thicken it a little or maybe even daly avid Meds like Zantac ... Try not to stress Hun..

penispenispenisVAGINA 4 kids; Idaho 7116 posts
2nd Feb '13

I have tried everything except meds with him so far. He was being labeled failure to thrive when he was almost 2 months old he wasn't growing. He dropped off the charts. So they did blood work and x-rays of him tummy after he drank the nasty stuff. The radiologist read the report and told us he has pyloris stenosis (the muscle is to thick at the bottom of his tummy) we were sent to the Children's hospital 3 hours away urgently for him to undergo the surgery to fix it. We were not allowed to feed him until they did the ultrasound (dr's forgot to pass along the reports with us) so by the time we were allowed to feed him it had been 26 hours. The ultrasound showed up that his pyloris was a little thick but nothing to be worried over and nothing they can do to fix it.
Almost 2 months ago he developed an unexplainable cough. We had a big get together at my house with my friend, her bf, her 3 kids, my 3 nephews and niece, my 6 year old cousin, my LO and SO. We had everyone over for the weekend partied it up with the kids and just had a blast. 2 days later EVERYONE was sick! In the last 2 weeks my LO has been swabbed for influenza, whooping cough, and RSV (no vaxx parents) and everything has came back negative. The doctors do not know what is causing him to cough and spit up so much. It used to be if I moved him after he ate he would spit up everywhere so I just didn't move him and waited like 2 hours before I burped him he was always happy and content. It's gotten to the point where he does not sleep alone. He choked and couldn't breath this morning from spiting up and he couldn't get it out. Scared the crap outta me so now he either sleeps on his side with me or on his belly on my chest.

heather2470 Due November 22 (girl); Madisonville, Kentucky 163 posts
3rd Feb '13

Oh wow that is scary