dont look pregnant Emywhite21 1 child; Idabel, Oklahoma 127 posts
1st Feb '13

Im 31 weeks pregnant and still don't look pregnant i also haven't really gained weight is this normal?? Should i be worried about the baby?

bloopbloop♥ 1 child; Illinois 14142 posts
status 1st Feb '13

Worry when your doctor sounds worried or mentions something.

*~AngelEyes~* Due September 26 (girl); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Memphis, Tennessee 11199 posts
1st Feb '13

I wouldn't say so. There's girls all the time who go all the way until they deliver without even showing a SIGN that they are pregnant, let alone gain weight.

Andi+Andy=Marley+1 2 kids; Fredericksburg, Virginia 4564 posts
1st Feb '13

I wouldn't worry too much if.your doctor isn't worried. I have a friend who didn't show at all till she was 36 weeks pregnant and had a healthy 7 lb baby. There also this girl at the grocery store I go to and she's 37 weeks and barely looks pregnant. I would have never guessed she was if she hadn't mentioned me. Some girls just get lucky.

izzy+Ethan 2 kids; Edmonton, Alberta 4056 posts
1st Feb '13

im kinda in the same boat..... except i look 25 weeks not 30 :( i never really got a big belly either with my 1st and i wanna experience that big belly!!!

CurtandBeckyjo Nelson Due April 27 (boy); St James, Minnesota 8 posts
1st Feb '13
Quoting Emywhite21:" Im 31 weeks pregnant and still don't look pregnant i also haven't really gained weight is this normal?? Should i be worried about the baby?"

I think you are doing ok i haven't gained much everytime i go in i lose like 2 or 4 pounds but my baby is growing healthy what my doctor said as long as the baby is growing healthy and as long as i'm eating

Sonya B+2 18 kids; Brazil 3512 posts
1st Feb '13

I am 35 weeks with my second and just barley have a noticable round belly that I actually look pregnant. I've always thought my belly was obvious but everyone says its so small and I don't even look pregnant. I remember being slightly bigger with my first I had her at 40 weeks and she was 6lbs 5oz my doctor says this baby is going to be small as well, I guess 6lbs is considered on the small side for the average baby. I have horrible back pain too so I think she's been camping out towards my back, just depends on her position with the size of my belly. If your doctor isn't worried there is no need to worry, there is a lot of women that just never look pregnant.

Amber n dave Due August 28; 3 kids; Wisconsin 2690 posts
1st Feb '13

I wouldn't worry. With my first pregnancy i didn't pop out until my 8th3rdfirst month. A lot of people even thought i was lying about being pregnant because i didn't show at all. Consider yourself lucky!

Emywhite21 1 child; Idabel, Oklahoma 127 posts
2nd Feb '13

I don't feel lucky cuz o wanna show that im pregnant lol

4 boys :) Due October 5 (boy); 3 kids; 1 angel baby; keystone heights, FL, United States 1005 posts
2nd Feb '13

The big belly isn't all its cracked up to be lol it's SO hard to put clothes on.. to tie shoes, put any shoe on other than flip flops.. can't bend over.. can't see the Vjay lol i'm 5 ft 1 though, soo my stomach shoes early & such.. at 20 wks being short my belly is nice and round.. the farther along i get the more of a boat i look like lol