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Brittany♥'sAJ 2 kids; Chesapeake, VA, United States 503 posts
Feb 1st '13
Quoting Baby Brain:" <blockquote><b>Quoting Brittany♥'sJordan:</b>" I bought the first response ... [snip!] ... O wow it worked that soon! I have 4 tests already I was just waiting till I got closer to my missed period..."

Yea, I had 4 as well, 2 equate 2 answer then I decide to go get a box of 2 FRER and the next day was 6 days before missed period so I took it and there was a faint positive. Took the 2nd FRER the next day and it was faint but darker. It was cool to watch them get darker. So, if you don't have a First Response then wait for sure. The best time is supposed to be after your missed period.

Squeaky McGee 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Indiana 75752 posts
Feb 1st '13
Quoting Regina George ♡:" "