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    • Marina -- Votes: 9
    • Francene -- Votes: 1
    • Andrea -- Votes: 10
What do you think of these names for a baby girl? OurWinterBaby♥ Due January 24 (boy); California 48 posts
3rd Feb '13

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KissMeFinnNelson<3 1 child; 2 angel babies; Glasgow, Scotland, UK, United Kingdom 5406 posts
3rd Feb '13

I like Marina!

Barbieʚϊɞ Florida 11401 posts
3rd Feb '13

Andrea Kristina

Kiki&Ari's Mommy Due November 10 (girl); 1 child; Montana 4077 posts
3rd Feb '13

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Andrea is nice. Francene is ick

MadMae Due October 5; Oregon 15 posts
3rd Feb '13

Marina is pretty I like it alot. The other two Im not a fan of but I dont see any reason why you shouldnt use them if you like them.

Back to Noob Status Ohio 14048 posts
3rd Feb '13

Marina is my favorite! :)