basic needs for baby Fifi Leake Due August 3; North Carolina 34 posts
3rd Feb '13

i have been to a few baby showers and seen some of the things they have gotten, however i was asked what all did we need. this is our first baby and i have no clue what all to get. thats like moving into a new house and everyone asking u what u need, and u tell them and then realize u forgot a item! what all would u ask for? im not wanting gadgets or stuff that wont be needed. so unsure how to reply without sounding needy or greedy. but thankful they asked since i am out on bedrest and money is tight here

Boobo&bugs 2 kids; Simpsonville, South Carolina 7691 posts
status 3rd Feb '13

The things I used the most frequently were
Baby swing
Baby towel
Baby bathtub
Baby soap
Baby grooming kit
Maya wrap

We coslept so she never used the bassinet. It was a giant waste of money for us.

[♥]Mrs. Taylor 18 kids; Texas 12250 posts
3rd Feb '13

Diapers and wipes are going to be a big need.

Car seat/stroller
Crib/pack n play
Breast pump (if you plan in breast feeding)
Baby soap/lotion
Grooming kit
Baby monitors
Boppy pillow
Changing table
Bottle brushes
Diaper bag
High chair

Optional stuff that's good to have but definitely not a necessity

Wipe warmer
Bottle steralizer
Diaper genie

Vivialopod 2 kids; Vantaa, Finland 42788 posts
3rd Feb '13

I like to keep it super simple.

A place for them to sleep (a co-sleeper in our case)
Diapers (cloth for us)
A way to feed them (boob juice here, so I put breast pads down)
A car seat
A sling
A rocking bouncer
A swing

That's it.

Momma +2 Girls 2 kids; Indiana 3612 posts
3rd Feb '13

I found these things to actually be necessary:

Rash cream
gas drop
Little kit with fingernail clippers and thermometer
Bottles/bottle brush
clothes/blankets/burp clothes
Car seat

These things were also nice to have:
bath soaps/lotions
breast pump
Baby bath

Supafly★ 2 kids; Poland 14113 posts
3rd Feb '13

We're as simple as it gets over here. Here's what we use for DS so far:

-clothes, obviously
-receiving blankets[they come in packs of 2 or 3 so 1 pack should suffice]
-bouncy chair
-carseat/stroller combo
-Moby wrap
-teething toys

I don't know your preferred method of feeding - if you plan on breastfeeding, your big ticket item can be a breast pump and accessories for storing milk. If you plan on bottle feeding ask for a coupled different types of bottles.

Also don't know how you plan on sleeping - we co-sleep over here but you'll need a pack and play or a crib if you don't want to. I have a crib that was handed down to me but it just sits in their room unused lol.

Mandy Schlatterer Due March 27 (girl); 2 kids; New Port Richey, Florida 1653 posts
3rd Feb '13

I feel these are the essentials for us:
Crib with mattress and sheets (I say pack n play next to our bed is fine but dh says no way so there will be a huge crib next to our bed taking up space lol we can't fully co sleep because of how dh sleeps and our dogs so room share instead)
Pack n play
North states super gate ( large gated space to keep toddler brother and dogs out, I'm a freak about worrying babies will get stepped on and with our dogs the risk is very real)
Tall gate with door for hall to keep back of house dog free
Carseat that supports rf to 40 lbs then can turn ff to 65 lbs
Boba or moby wrap
Hygiene kit
Bumbo or boppy
Swaddle blankets
Diapers and wipes
An oversize comfy armchair
Optional- a swing for when I shower and clean.

That's our list :)