two three year old boys? slumber party user banned
3rd Feb '13

logans cousin is coming over to spend the night so his mom can go out to some super bowl thing. we are super excited to have him! its logans first sleepover thing. we need ideas!

i want to make a fort...not sure what other activities we can do though.
they are both three and very hyper, i think without planned activities they will destroy our house lol.
any ideas?

how to i get them to actually sleep?

ETA i thought about taking them sledding but hes not getting here till like 5 and it gets dark pretty early here. our house is also pretty small so i want to avoid the rough housing

Juliette 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Olive Branch, MS, United States 3015 posts
3rd Feb '13

Coloring finger painting play doh. Movie and popcorn You can mke the finger paint and okay dog. Idk... good luck!! :)